Ballroom Dance

Preparing for a wedding or special occasion? Are you tired of sitting it out while everyone else is dancing? Try some dance lessons! Private lessons are available for wedding choreography — first dance, father-daughter/mother-son, wedding party and more. Pick your special song and make your first dance memorable.

Maybe you just want to learn to dance so you can feel more comfortable in a social situation. Take some private lessons or join a class! Meet like-minded people who share the same goals — to look great on the dance floor. Click  on the link below for the class schedule.


Email for prices and registration.

Please invest in a pair of dance shoes or dedicate one pair of shoes for class. Please don’t wear them outside — they make the studio floor gritty. You should wear comfortable clothes — make sure you can bend your knees!

Consider giving someone the gift of dance — gift certificates available.

Call or email to set up an appointment today!